The Tides Of Our Lives

Life  is like the ocean. There are twists and turns along the way. Sometimes we journey into calm waters and sometimes we are thrust into stormy seas that seem to rise up out of nowhere, just when we least expected them. In the journey of life, we may experience many joyful times where everything glides along perfectly. Sometimes, we may follow a detour into deep and dark caverns where we may feel as if we are drowning in the murky depths, where nothing is clear and so we may lose sight of the light above us for a while.

The tides of our lives are many and varied and like the ocean, flowing with whatever is ocurring instead of resisting it is a positive way forward. The ocean always returns to its calm centre when it has weathered whatever arose to disturb its peace. There is a lesson here for us also.

We cannot run from life’s storms or close our eyes to them for they will surely find us, but if we remain open, embracing what appears in front of us and riding with it, not becoming it, but rather flowing with it, allowing it and finding the positive in it , we can then return to peace, knowing we did our best in whatever situation we found ourselves in.

If we find ourselves mired in deep water, struggling to get a breath or to move any which way, instead of feeing bogged down and lost, the best thing we can do is accept where we are, for everything passes in its own time, not according to our demands. If we release the resistance, stop thrashing about and allow the mud to settle, it will be easier to see clearly and float to the surace once again.

Copyright © 2012 Maria Parkinson




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