Disillusioned? Time To Find Joy In The Little Things Of Life!

Today I thought I would share some thoughts about feeling disillusioned and how to deal with it when you find yourself in that state of mind and feeling.

The meaning of being disillusioned is “disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed” and some more words for disillusioned are, “disappointed” or “disenchanted”.

For me, the word “disenchanted” sounds about right; things have lost their lustre, their magic.

Maybe you had high hopes for someone and they let you down, maybe you believed so much in peoples’ honesty and integrity and they showed you how wrong and naive you were to do so, or maybe you loved someone so much you placed them on such a high pedestal that they couldn’t live up to your standards and fell from “grace” (for want of a better word), straight into the gutter!

Whatever you might feel disillusioned or disenchanted about, I am hear to tell you that it will pass and that one way forward is to cultivate patience. I know it’s not easy to sit in patience when you feel heartbroken or depressed, saddened or despairing about being let down in some way but the thing to realise is that you feel that way because you had expectations that were not fulfilled.

Please don’t allow life and situations to take away the magic in you!

You are a very sensitive soul who believes in magic and wonder and who tends to see things with rose-coloured glasses and there is nothing wrong with that! We need people with vision who believe in fairy tales, honesty, integrity and who are humble enough to trust that others will be the same and that they will find companions to share their dreams with! You have depth, imagination and above all high ideals which is why you feel disillusioned – nothing wrong in that!

So, celebrate who you are instead of seeing it as a hindrance. Learn to forgive what you are disillusioned with by recognising that not all people will share your ideals or see the world from your perspective. Realise people are doing the best they can with the skills they have.

Finally, look at the little things in your life that bring you joy and focus on those each day and as you do, you will find more things to be joyful about. Ask to be guided to people who have similar beliefs and wishes to you; kindred spirits who will uplift you and treasure the magic within you.

Above all, never give up your dreams or who you really are just because someone let you down – we need dreamers to weave hope and love into this world; to uplift those who are weary and help people believe in themselves once again.

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