Living Life In The New Age – Now!

Our way of life is changing and solutions that once used to work are now becoming obsolete.

We are being called to a new way of living and being in the world and it begins on our doorstep. We are being asked to embrace love, honour and oneness, not only in our closest relationships but also in our daily interactions with other people. We are being asked to apply these values everywhere we go and to everything we encounter, even when situations or interactions appear in a negative light because conflict no longer works to solve anything. The new energy is about bringing peace, love and harmony with us everywhere we go.

How can we do that?

By acknowledging and welcoming these values within ourselves and striving to live by them in our own lives, we can then extend them out to other people and this can have a tremendous effect around the globe. If we will just begin bringing love, creating peace where there is conflict and healing everything in our own lives that is unbalanced we would then carry these vibrations with us and allow others to experience them and adopt them also.

World peace is up to us as individuals in the first place – if we cannot embody and live in peace, where will peace find its home? If we cannot love then love will walk beside us unrecognised and there can be no unity if all we perceive is separation.

Change begins with us – our thoughts are extremely powerful so let us use them positively and then show others how to do the same!

So, begin today – where can you share more love, peace and unity? Where can you make a difference today? Who can you uplift by saying a kind word, giving someone a hug, showing someone their power, their strength, their spirit?

Remember, it only takes a small gesture to bring about a big result.

Until next time,

Be loving, peaceful and walk in unity and honour with all people – We are one.

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Love, Honour, Oneness – Everything In Life Has A Positive Side

My spiritual self-help book, “Love, Honour Oneness – Everything In Life Has A Positive Side”, has just been published and is available from, and Here is the direct link for a preview:

Giving birth to something new, whether it be a book, a child, a project, a new way of life, a different way of thinking is not easy. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and step into someone you have never been before. It requires that you expand your vision of yourself, of what you are capable of, of what you are now willing to embrace and embody.

It may seem strange, scary and exciting to see yourself in a totally different light than what you are used to and it may take time to acclimatize to your new self but there is no going backwards. Onwards and upwards is the way for life leads us all towards growth.

A world where love, honour and oneness are the values we live by,is where we are heading in this new age that is upon us and we are being asked to grow and step into a whole new way of being.

For many of us, this might be uncharted territory because up until now, onflict, arguments, negativity, self-centredness and imbalance may have been the norm in our lives and now life is demanding that we create unity and peace which may appear unnatural to us. Like any new topic we are learning, we just need to keep taking steps forward,through trial and error,until we finally achieve what we have set out to.

It will be easier if we keep our focus on remembering to find things that unify us with others which create harmony, rather than focussing on differences which can cause separation.

To create unity we first need to want it and make it important in our lives.

Let us all begin transforming any conflicts we may be experiencing by remembering to apply love, honour and oneness in our relationships and with every person we meet each day. There is no separation on a spiritual level so let’s bring that
awareness down to earth and use it to create harmony and peace.

Until next time my love to you


The Tides Of Our Lives

Life  is like the ocean. There are twists and turns along the way. Sometimes we journey into calm waters and sometimes we are thrust into stormy seas that seem to rise up out of nowhere, just when we least expected them. In the journey of life, we may experience many joyful times where everything glides along perfectly. Sometimes, we may follow a detour into deep and dark caverns where we may feel as if we are drowning in the murky depths, where nothing is clear and so we may lose sight of the light above us for a while.

The tides of our lives are many and varied and like the ocean, flowing with whatever is ocurring instead of resisting it is a positive way forward. The ocean always returns to its calm centre when it has weathered whatever arose to disturb its peace. There is a lesson here for us also.

We cannot run from life’s storms or close our eyes to them for they will surely find us, but if we remain open, embracing what appears in front of us and riding with it, not becoming it, but rather flowing with it, allowing it and finding the positive in it , we can then return to peace, knowing we did our best in whatever situation we found ourselves in.

If we find ourselves mired in deep water, struggling to get a breath or to move any which way, instead of feeing bogged down and lost, the best thing we can do is accept where we are, for everything passes in its own time, not according to our demands. If we release the resistance, stop thrashing about and allow the mud to settle, it will be easier to see clearly and float to the surace once again.

Copyright © 2012 Maria Parkinson




“Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates” – Forrest Gump

One of my all time favourite movies is Forrest Gump. Forrest summed up life in his famous saying “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get”.

The reason I love this movie is that it is full of wisdom on how to live life. My recollection is that Forrest’s life was full of crises, losses and changes but, the most inspiring message that I took from this film was that, no matter what life gave him, Forrest made the most of each situation. .

We never know what hand life is going to deal us at any given moment. Like the box of chocolates, in every life, there will be times we love and want more of, times we do not like what is happening, times we absolutely wish had never occurred or that we hate. But, if we are to enjoy our time here, the most important thing we can do is to learn to accept life as it comes to us rather than resist it and wish it were not happening.

For, in every situation, there is a positive purpose if we are willing to look for it. So, let’s make the most of every moment because that is what life is; little moments put together to make a lifetime. Let’s be present to whatever is happening and know that good can come out of apparently negative situations.

Let’s remember the beauty of the Lotus flower and how it grows in murky water and the Phoenix that rises out of the ashes and know that we can get through anything if we just pay attention, choose to accept rather than resist and do out best. Life is sculpting us into a beautiful diamond.

Until next time, remember that all is well no matter how life seems at this moment in time..