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Live Your Higher Purpose

Everyone has a Higher Purpose in Life. Some people are just not aware of it and others do not believe there is any such thing, but, we are all here to express our Divine selves in a unique way that will serve other people and help us grow spiritually.

All sorts of distractions, crises and dramas may eventuate in our lives in order to try and stop us from living this purpose; if we are aware, we will realize what is occurring, if we are unconscious, we will allow other things to stop us in our tracks, make us procrastinate or give up altogether.

 There are times in life when we get hit with a barrage of crises, with one thing after the other and we may lose our footing for a while. When this happens the best thing we can do is learn to deal with what is in front of us and take time to sit still until we are sure, once again, as to what our next step is. If we take time to shut out the world,the way will be made clear to us once again and we can move forward.

Sometimes all we need is to develop patience and resilience. Even though we may know that our Higher Purpose is to be a public speaker, we may be experiencing family issues and dramas, health or financial issues and may think that we need to give up our dream because there is so much to deal with or because we simply do not have the time or energy to do anything other than get through the day! Then, we may erroneously feel that this is not our purpose at all.

If you are given a vision or have a gut feeling or just know that this is what you are meant to be doing then don’t give up!

What may appear as a setback is really helping you on your way. First of all it is temporary. Secondly, It may just be that the timing is not right for you yet or that you need to develop other skills before you step into that Higher Purpose.

Learn to develop trust that everything that happens in your life is preparing you for your Higher Purpose in some way, even if you cannot possibly understand how and even if it seems completely unlikely that you will ever get there.

To illustrate I would like to share an experience from my childhood. My father left us when I was fourteen years’ old and  I used to constantly listen to my mother who was very depressed for most of her life and try to find some way to comfort her. I had no idea that this was not possible and that any attempt on my part would be futile! I ended up taking on her sadness, frustration and anger as I could see no way to get her to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Mum’s rigid religious views that she had taken on only served to darken her world even more and what was worse; she would not question her beliefs or be open to another point of view and so, she remained in a prison, chained to a dark, lonely and miserable world and I joined her!  

It took me many years to clear the rubble left over from abiding in this darkness for so long which was not my home! But, at 36, during a meditation, I discovered my Higher Purpose “to spread the light and the word”! And so, began my spiritual journey and explanation as to why I had to sit in that darkness for so long. I became a Counsellor, Life Guidance Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer and now, Self-help Author who assists people in finding their own life purpose.  

My mother, all those years’ ago was actually training me and assisting me with my Higher Purpose but I had no idea.So, whatever crises you are experiencing, even if they seem hopeless, please realize there is something within them that is assisting you with your Higher Purpose and the best thing to do is ride with the changes, embrace what is occurring and take time to sit still and ask to be shown what it is teaching you. 

You have a Higher Purpose which will bring you fulfilment as you serve the people you have come here to assist so just keep taking one step after the other and you will get there.

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Nobody Loves Me!

Have you ever heard of anyone saying “I feel so loved” or, “so many people love and care about me”!

I certainly have not come across that but what I have come across is, “Nobody loves or cares about me”, “my parents didn’t love me”, “my husband doesn’t understand or love me”!

These erroneous beliefs do not come from our Higher Self, but rather from our personality because we do not see the bigger picture. We are looking through the eyes of a wounded person who has latched onto a negative way of thinking and like a Pit Bull, does not want to let go!

The truth is that we have simply interpreted situations in such a way as to ensure we do not “feel loved”.

From a spiritual level, we are always loved without judgment. We are always connected to God, the Universe and Spirit however, we may have chosen to let go of our connection and separate ourselves from this love by buying into negative beliefs about love and choosing to hold these as our truth!

How many people die feeling unloved and alone?  How many empty lives full of addictions and mental illness are due to “not feeling loved?”.

The thing is, love is all around us. If only we would look for it, we would find it. For, what you focus on, you increase in your life. Imagine then that we could live a life of abundant love instead of dying feeling like a pauper BUT, we have to choose this!

What happens is that we have made up our own rules as to how we may feel loved. If the people we share our lives with do not show their love according to our rules, we then choose not to receive the love that is actually being offered; we literally cannot see the love because we are so blinkered, expecting love to come to us according to our demands that we miss the love that is waiting for our acknowledgment and choose instead to complain that we are not loved!

What a shame!  Instead of questioning our beliefs, we choose to beg for love everywhere and yet receive none when it is always on our doorstep awaiting our recognition.

How many people die of a broken heart not knowing how loved they were?

Right now, people all around you love you.  Will you choose to accept their gift or will you deny it and prefer instead to bemoan the life that nobody loves you?

Wake up people – let us begin looking for instances of love everywhere.  If our spouse cannot show us love the way we demand it to be, it doesn’t mean they don’t love us; it simply means we are unwilling to receive love in the way they are attempting to give it to us!!!!!

Let’s drop our ridiculous rules in order that love can finally find us.

Let’s make it easy for ourselves to recognise all the ways we are loved.  A smile from a stranger, a lick from your dog, your spouse doing the washing up, someone giving you a compliment – all of these are ways people love us BUT we take them for granted so much that we do not recognise them as acts of love!

Why not start today to create a Love Journal. Notice and document every instance of love in your day, everyday and see how loved you feel after a week!  Stop moaning about the lack of love and start receiving the abundance that is yours. And, while you are at it, see how much love you can contribute to other people each day!

Let’s create a World Of Love together by finding small ways to cheer others, to inspire  and uplift them so that they also know that “there is only Love” and that everything else is a lie!

Until next time.

Lots of love to you



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Well, today I just had to write about one of the most challenging years I have experienced so far, as I am sure many of you will undoubtedly be going through some testing times too.

There are times in life when you begin to question what is really going on, what you are meant to be doing and whether you are on the right path.

I can only tell you that whatever is happening in your life right now is part of your path, so the positive and constructive thing to do is to surrender your plans and flow with the situation that appears before you.

Having published an inspirational self-help book, “Love, Honour, Oneness – Everything In Life Has A Positive Side”, in November 2012, I was supposed to be promoting it this year.

What happens?  The universe has other plans!

A family member becomes ill and now we are still dealing with long-term symptoms. So, I am constantly running from appointment to appointment, buoying up their faith and trust in between and dealing with a puppy who is on the run all day long! This is not what I had planned for this year but, I am living in the now, facing whatever is given to me and finding the best response I can with the exhaustion I am also feeling.  I can now relate even more with doctors who are on call 24 hours a day!

Life, it seems, wants me home for the time being and so, here I am seven months into the year with no idea when I will be out in the world again.

It is when life hits us with such situations that we are apt to throw our hands up in the air and ask a most dangerous question: “why me?.  Why is this a dangerous question?  Because, by focussing on it, we may begin to blame other people or God and the universe or even ourselves for whatever we are being presented with and this can keep us stuck in a victim mentality. It can create conflict and negativity and make matters worse.

So, instead of asking questions that keep us stuck, the best question we can ask is, “what is the higher purpose of this situation and what can I learn from it?”.

When hard times strike, we need to remember;:all we are asked to do is embrace the situation we are sent and deal with it in as loving a manner as we can, knowing that we are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people.

Nothing else matters for the time being.

Can we rise to the challenge in front of us without becoming self-centred, bitter or resentful? That is entirely in our hands. If we just remember that all things pass and that all things are temporary we will be more able to ride the waves in our lives and make it safely to shore, once again.

I hope this experience will help you to navigate your life in a smoother manner, understanding that everything happens for the highest good of all, in divine timing.

Until next time, you are not your experiences, you are far more than that.

In love,

Maria Parkinson






Living Life In The New Age – Now!

Our way of life is changing and solutions that once used to work are now becoming obsolete.

We are being called to a new way of living and being in the world and it begins on our doorstep. We are being asked to embrace love, honour and oneness, not only in our closest relationships but also in our daily interactions with other people. We are being asked to apply these values everywhere we go and to everything we encounter, even when situations or interactions appear in a negative light because conflict no longer works to solve anything. The new energy is about bringing peace, love and harmony with us everywhere we go.

How can we do that?

By acknowledging and welcoming these values within ourselves and striving to live by them in our own lives, we can then extend them out to other people and this can have a tremendous effect around the globe. If we will just begin bringing love, creating peace where there is conflict and healing everything in our own lives that is unbalanced we would then carry these vibrations with us and allow others to experience them and adopt them also.

World peace is up to us as individuals in the first place – if we cannot embody and live in peace, where will peace find its home? If we cannot love then love will walk beside us unrecognised and there can be no unity if all we perceive is separation.

Change begins with us – our thoughts are extremely powerful so let us use them positively and then show others how to do the same!

So, begin today – where can you share more love, peace and unity? Where can you make a difference today? Who can you uplift by saying a kind word, giving someone a hug, showing someone their power, their strength, their spirit?

Remember, it only takes a small gesture to bring about a big result.

Until next time,

Be loving, peaceful and walk in unity and honour with all people – We are one.

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