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The Amazing Power of Prayer

Today, I thought i would tell you about one of my experiences with the power of prayer and by that I don’t mean your usual religious prayer of “Our father who art in Heaven”, but simply calling upon the Angels to assist me in what I perceived as a  very traumatic situation. I am sharing this in the hope that it will inspire you to use prayer in your life too.

When my son, Chris, was about 5 years’ old, I took him to Fremantle Market with me.  For any of you who are not familiar with the market, it is in an actual building and there are about 3 entrances to it. It is open on the weekends. The main entrance stands on a paved area where buskers and performing artists gather to entertain a crowd of onlookers and, oppsosite the market, stands a Tavern and some take-away food places as well as independent market stall holders selling their wares.

On this particular day, there was a young man performing tricks with fire and quite a big crowd watching him, just as I was entering the market with my son. Chris had wanted to see the artist perform so I explained that we would do so after we had finished. I  turned around to enter the market with Chris right behind me, then I turned to Chris and he wasn’t there!  

All it took was a split second!  Now you see him, now you don’t! Every mother’s worst nightmare – I had lost my child!

The market was full of people. I ran back outside wondering whether he had just dashed off to see the performing artist, calling his name, all the while in total panic!  Nothing!  I could not see him anywhere.

I ran back into the market, frantically searching, calling his name, from one entrance to the next, I ran and ran, looking at every face with anxiety and desperation rising that I might never see my son again and that he might be abducted.

In total and utter despair and panic, I ran into the security office and told the guard there I had lost my son.  He told me to “wait there”, while he searched for him. Well, that was the last thing I was going to do!!

I ran with him while he searched, to no avail – he couldn’t locate him.  Now, in tears, terrified and grieving whilst at the same time berating myself for ever having taken my eyes off Chris, I began running back to the entrance praying to the Angels to “please put my son up high somewhere so I could see him, if he was still there and had not been taken away”.  I kept running and praying and reached the entrance.

I ran outside feeling hopeless and scanned the crowd and then scanned near the Tavern ; nothing.

Then, all of a sudden, I could not believe my eyes – there was Chris sitting on top of a man’s shoulders!!!

I ran towards him and could not bless and thank this wonderful man, Albert, for keeping my son safe!  He was a stall holder and had seen my son on his own.  Apparently, as I was praying, Albert was also sending out prayers to reunite Chris with his mum!  

If ever I wondered whether Angels were real, I now have no doubt whatsoever that this is so. Angels are everywhere.

No doubt many of you will have had similar experiences to this one and I would love to hear from you so please feel free to share your stories.

I encourage you to try prayer whenever you need assistance for the Angels wish to help us with anything but we first need to ask.

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Live Your Higher Purpose

Everyone has a Higher Purpose in Life. Some people are just not aware of it and others do not believe there is any such thing, but, we are all here to express our Divine selves in a unique way that will serve other people and help us grow spiritually.

All sorts of distractions, crises and dramas may eventuate in our lives in order to try and stop us from living this purpose; if we are aware, we will realize what is occurring, if we are unconscious, we will allow other things to stop us in our tracks, make us procrastinate or give up altogether.

 There are times in life when we get hit with a barrage of crises, with one thing after the other and we may lose our footing for a while. When this happens the best thing we can do is learn to deal with what is in front of us and take time to sit still until we are sure, once again, as to what our next step is. If we take time to shut out the world,the way will be made clear to us once again and we can move forward.

Sometimes all we need is to develop patience and resilience. Even though we may know that our Higher Purpose is to be a public speaker, we may be experiencing family issues and dramas, health or financial issues and may think that we need to give up our dream because there is so much to deal with or because we simply do not have the time or energy to do anything other than get through the day! Then, we may erroneously feel that this is not our purpose at all.

If you are given a vision or have a gut feeling or just know that this is what you are meant to be doing then don’t give up!

What may appear as a setback is really helping you on your way. First of all it is temporary. Secondly, It may just be that the timing is not right for you yet or that you need to develop other skills before you step into that Higher Purpose.

Learn to develop trust that everything that happens in your life is preparing you for your Higher Purpose in some way, even if you cannot possibly understand how and even if it seems completely unlikely that you will ever get there.

To illustrate I would like to share an experience from my childhood. My father left us when I was fourteen years’ old and  I used to constantly listen to my mother who was very depressed for most of her life and try to find some way to comfort her. I had no idea that this was not possible and that any attempt on my part would be futile! I ended up taking on her sadness, frustration and anger as I could see no way to get her to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Mum’s rigid religious views that she had taken on only served to darken her world even more and what was worse; she would not question her beliefs or be open to another point of view and so, she remained in a prison, chained to a dark, lonely and miserable world and I joined her!  

It took me many years to clear the rubble left over from abiding in this darkness for so long which was not my home! But, at 36, during a meditation, I discovered my Higher Purpose “to spread the light and the word”! And so, began my spiritual journey and explanation as to why I had to sit in that darkness for so long. I became a Counsellor, Life Guidance Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer and now, Self-help Author who assists people in finding their own life purpose.  

My mother, all those years’ ago was actually training me and assisting me with my Higher Purpose but I had no idea.So, whatever crises you are experiencing, even if they seem hopeless, please realize there is something within them that is assisting you with your Higher Purpose and the best thing to do is ride with the changes, embrace what is occurring and take time to sit still and ask to be shown what it is teaching you. 

You have a Higher Purpose which will bring you fulfilment as you serve the people you have come here to assist so just keep taking one step after the other and you will get there.

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Well, today I just had to write about one of the most challenging years I have experienced so far, as I am sure many of you will undoubtedly be going through some testing times too.

There are times in life when you begin to question what is really going on, what you are meant to be doing and whether you are on the right path.

I can only tell you that whatever is happening in your life right now is part of your path, so the positive and constructive thing to do is to surrender your plans and flow with the situation that appears before you.

Having published an inspirational self-help book, “Love, Honour, Oneness – Everything In Life Has A Positive Side”, in November 2012, I was supposed to be promoting it this year.

What happens?  The universe has other plans!

A family member becomes ill and now we are still dealing with long-term symptoms. So, I am constantly running from appointment to appointment, buoying up their faith and trust in between and dealing with a puppy who is on the run all day long! This is not what I had planned for this year but, I am living in the now, facing whatever is given to me and finding the best response I can with the exhaustion I am also feeling.  I can now relate even more with doctors who are on call 24 hours a day!

Life, it seems, wants me home for the time being and so, here I am seven months into the year with no idea when I will be out in the world again.

It is when life hits us with such situations that we are apt to throw our hands up in the air and ask a most dangerous question: “why me?.  Why is this a dangerous question?  Because, by focussing on it, we may begin to blame other people or God and the universe or even ourselves for whatever we are being presented with and this can keep us stuck in a victim mentality. It can create conflict and negativity and make matters worse.

So, instead of asking questions that keep us stuck, the best question we can ask is, “what is the higher purpose of this situation and what can I learn from it?”.

When hard times strike, we need to remember;:all we are asked to do is embrace the situation we are sent and deal with it in as loving a manner as we can, knowing that we are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people.

Nothing else matters for the time being.

Can we rise to the challenge in front of us without becoming self-centred, bitter or resentful? That is entirely in our hands. If we just remember that all things pass and that all things are temporary we will be more able to ride the waves in our lives and make it safely to shore, once again.

I hope this experience will help you to navigate your life in a smoother manner, understanding that everything happens for the highest good of all, in divine timing.

Until next time, you are not your experiences, you are far more than that.

In love,

Maria Parkinson









Today, I just wanted to share an inspiring experience with you that might help uplift you if you are feeling down and help you trust in the wonder of life once again.

A few years ago, I had reached a particularly difficult and trying time in my life. For some reason I ended up feeling depressed and could not shake the feeling.  One day, all I could do was sit in my garden on a long pool chair with my book and the dark, gloomy cloud that seemed to hang over me, that, try as I might, I could not eradicate.

It was one of those episodes when there had been a string of niggling events and situations occurring that had made me lose my faith in life and my ability to meet the challenges I was constantly being bombarded with.  Somehow, I had allowed a deep sorrow and hopelessness to take over.

As I sat in my chair, trying to focus on reading and trying to hold back the immense sadness and tears that were trying to break through at any moment, I heard the chatter of a Willy Wagtail and my attention was drawn away from my self-centred moroseness to this beautiful being sitting on top of a white chair opposite me, a little way away wagging its’ tail left and right.

I couldn’t help but smile as I love birds and animals in general. For a second, I was transported into the moment where only the Willy Wagtail and I existed.

Then, I went back to trying to focus on my book and the sadness enveloped me once again.

However, what happened next confirmed to me that I was being looked after and I was not alone drowning in a sea of never-ending sorrow.

Rather, I was made aware that in our darkest and most discouraging moments, help and support are always there and they may be delivered in the most unusual way, but we will only recognise them if we are awake to the subtleties of life!

I had sat in the pool chair with one leg to one side of the chair and the other leg on the opposite side, leaving an open space in between each leg so that I would feel more comfortable.  As I glanced up from my book, I was absolutely stunned and thrilled to see that the same Willy Wagtail that had been chit-chatting away previously, had nestled itself comfortably in between my legs on the pool chair and was sitting quietly and happily with me!

Now I don’t know what you know about Willy Wagtails but what I have since discovered is that they are almost always on the move and rarely still for more than a few moments during daylight hours. They flit here, there and everywhere chattering, singing or trying to catch insects.

 It stayed there comfortably settled for what seemed like an eternity, and kept me company for at least a couple of hours, seeming to sense that I needed love and upliftment. It brought me such joy – I couldn’t believe what was happening and jut knew that someone had sent me this bird to cheer me up. What a blessing!

I had a buddy in my loneliness and misery that certainly made me smile and realise that life is truly amazing.  Just when you think you have had enough and believe you are at rock bottom, something will occur to foster faith and hope and make you realise that life is more deeply mysterious than the apparently negative surface events and dramas that seem to be part and parcel of everyone’s journey.

The situation was so unusual that I just had to take notice and question how this could possibly be occurring.

My family had gone out whilst I was in the garden and so had not witnessed what had happened though I did recount the story to them when they returned home. 

My little friend, after staying loyally by my side for ages, decided it was time to go home and so off she flew for the night, leaving me mesmerised and in a state of disbelief!

I decided to name her “Magic” for that is what she truly brought into my life.

Feeling much better, humbled and grateful and thinking how blessed I had been to have had such a visitor, I was able to have a peaceful night. Just before going to bed, I so wished my family could experience “Magic” too so they could share the joy, laughter and fun this bird brought with it.

The very next morning, imagine my surprise and absolute overwhelming thrill and joy when I woke up and walked into my kitchen, to be greeted by “Magic” sitting on a chair in the garden, chirping and looking in through the kitchen door!

I called to my husband and son to quickly come and see what was happening.  They arrived as I opened the kitchen door and in flew Magic, chit-chatting in her usual relaxed manner as if she was at home and, indeed, she was.  My family could not believe their eyes as this had never happened before. We then decided to hold out some tiny scraps of cheddar cheese in our hands to see what would eventuate and, after having flown around, up and down like Tinkerbell from the movie Peter Pan, and surveyed the room to her heart’s content, Magic came and sat on my hand and delicately pecked at her cheese.

She then proceeded to fly around and sit on my son’s hand and then made her way to my husbands’ until she had made us all laugh with amazement! When she had had enough, she simply flew out of the house!

To have experienced such an unusual event once was awe-inspiring, twice was unbelievable. Yet, imagine how we felt when Magic decided to visit us each and every morning for the next week at 7.30 each day for her cheese breakfast!

She showered us with a waterfall of love, laughter, companionship and joy and we will be forever grateful to her. She came at a time when we all needed some kind of sign that things would change for the better and she certainly conveyed to us that no matter what is going on in your life, you can always find things to be cheerful about! She arrived when she was most needed and, having done her job, went as easily as she came.

The gifts she brought with her will never be forgotten for they live in our hearts and souls.

So, there you have it, the story that helped lift me out of sadness and into hope and joy. I trust that it will inspire you to keep moving forward, to know that you are never truly alone and to trust that you will always be sent “little helpers” to keep you company and lift your spirits on your journey through life.

Until next time, remember YOU are awesome!


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