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Live Your Higher Purpose

Everyone has a Higher Purpose in Life. Some people are just not aware of it and others do not believe there is any such thing, but, we are all here to express our Divine selves in a unique way that will serve other people and help us grow spiritually.

All sorts of distractions, crises and dramas may eventuate in our lives in order to try and stop us from living this purpose; if we are aware, we will realize what is occurring, if we are unconscious, we will allow other things to stop us in our tracks, make us procrastinate or give up altogether.

 There are times in life when we get hit with a barrage of crises, with one thing after the other and we may lose our footing for a while. When this happens the best thing we can do is learn to deal with what is in front of us and take time to sit still until we are sure, once again, as to what our next step is. If we take time to shut out the world,the way will be made clear to us once again and we can move forward.

Sometimes all we need is to develop patience and resilience. Even though we may know that our Higher Purpose is to be a public speaker, we may be experiencing family issues and dramas, health or financial issues and may think that we need to give up our dream because there is so much to deal with or because we simply do not have the time or energy to do anything other than get through the day! Then, we may erroneously feel that this is not our purpose at all.

If you are given a vision or have a gut feeling or just know that this is what you are meant to be doing then don’t give up!

What may appear as a setback is really helping you on your way. First of all it is temporary. Secondly, It may just be that the timing is not right for you yet or that you need to develop other skills before you step into that Higher Purpose.

Learn to develop trust that everything that happens in your life is preparing you for your Higher Purpose in some way, even if you cannot possibly understand how and even if it seems completely unlikely that you will ever get there.

To illustrate I would like to share an experience from my childhood. My father left us when I was fourteen years’ old and  I used to constantly listen to my mother who was very depressed for most of her life and try to find some way to comfort her. I had no idea that this was not possible and that any attempt on my part would be futile! I ended up taking on her sadness, frustration and anger as I could see no way to get her to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Mum’s rigid religious views that she had taken on only served to darken her world even more and what was worse; she would not question her beliefs or be open to another point of view and so, she remained in a prison, chained to a dark, lonely and miserable world and I joined her!  

It took me many years to clear the rubble left over from abiding in this darkness for so long which was not my home! But, at 36, during a meditation, I discovered my Higher Purpose “to spread the light and the word”! And so, began my spiritual journey and explanation as to why I had to sit in that darkness for so long. I became a Counsellor, Life Guidance Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer and now, Self-help Author who assists people in finding their own life purpose.  

My mother, all those years’ ago was actually training me and assisting me with my Higher Purpose but I had no idea.So, whatever crises you are experiencing, even if they seem hopeless, please realize there is something within them that is assisting you with your Higher Purpose and the best thing to do is ride with the changes, embrace what is occurring and take time to sit still and ask to be shown what it is teaching you. 

You have a Higher Purpose which will bring you fulfilment as you serve the people you have come here to assist so just keep taking one step after the other and you will get there.

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